Welcome to the web site of the B’nai Abraham and Yehuda Laib Family Society (“BAYL”). The society, which was founded in Baltimore in 1901 by relatives of Yehuda Laib Romm and Rabbi Abraham Abramson, is believed to be oldest Jewish family society in the world.

Where did our ancestors live?

Bus Stop Sign For The Village of Čelkiai, near Rokiškis, Lithuania

The Tyzenhaus Estate Mansion, Rokiškis, Lithuania

Where did our ancestors live?

Šetekšna Stream, Kamajai, Lithuania

BAYL 35th Anniversary Banquet, Feb. 16, 1936

Where did our ancestors live?

Aerial View of Market Square, Rokiškis, Lithuania, c. 1929

How did our ancestors live?

Lithuanian Woman in Front of Her Stove, 1997

Current activities


The primary purpose of the BAYL is to stay involved as a family. To that end, we:

Hold meetings every other month in Baltimore and reunions every five years. The 115th Anniversary Reunion, which was held on Labor Day Weekend 2016 in Columbia, MD, was attended by more than 180 relatives. The 120th Anniversary Reunion will be held on Memorial Day Weekend 2021 in Columbia, MD.

  • Regularly publish a newsletter, The Bulletin. See the "News" link at left for more information. "Yearbooks" are published for each of the reunions.




Philanthropic work is done through the Anna and Myer Smith Memorial Fund. This fund was established to provide a means for the Family Society  to raise funds and make contributions to "outside charities" (the wording in the BAYL constitution) now that it is no longer necessary to secure passage to the US by family members still in Europe (the "inside charity" that was the original goal of BAYL fundraising). See the "Contact Us" link to make a donation.

This fund is used to make annual donations to:

  • The Associated Jewish Charities, earmarked so that half goes to Israel and half is spent locally on Jewish institutions in the Baltimore area.
  • The American Red Magen David in support of Magen David Adom (Israel's version of the Red Cross)
  • Ahavas Israel, a local organization that feeds poor and needy Jews


Membership & Contributions