Yatovitz Family

Yatovitz family c. 1895-1905.

BAYL Meeting

BAYL Meeting Attendees at the Baltimore Jewish War Veterans Hall, circa 1961

Shapiro and Yatt Relatives, Late 1950s

Among those standing are, from left to right, Ruth Shapiro Reinberg, Samuel Siegel, Edith Shapiro Siegel, Miriam Shapiro Cohen, Benjamin Cohen, Sol Yatt, Ruth Yatt Hurwitz, and Harold “Henny” Yatt. Seated, in the center, is Celia Smith Shapiro (born Zlata Savilevics), the sister of BAYL founder Myer Smith (born Zavel Savilevics). Zlata and Zavel were born in Kupisik / Kupiškis and lived briefly in Rokisik / Rokiškis with their grandmother Rella Krok Romm Abramson, before emigrating to the U.S. in the late 1890s.


Family of Rocha Nessa Romm and Mordechai Laib Shapiro, circa 1921

Myer Smith

Myer Smith, the founder of the B'nai Abraham and Yehuda Laib Family Society, was born Zavel Savilevics in 1875 in Kupisik / Kupiškis. After training in Riga to be a capmaker, he lived for a brief period with his grandmother, Rella Krok Romm Abramovitz, and her second husband, Rabbi Abraham Abramovitz (in the U.S., Abramson). He then moved to Baltimore and worked for a wholesale grocery business. From this position, he was able to help relatives get started in the grocery business.